Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Yamaha YZ1 Limited Edition

Yamaha YZ1 Limited Edition

Yamaha YZI Limited Edition Taking addition alternative of R1, yamaha FZ1 will access the analysis of bound edition. The bound copy of ABS of Yamaha FZ1 Fazer is corrective with a agnate adjustment like R1 it, but with this time fabricated upwards in red and white. Without counting that the body, the bike will appear with a appropriate windshield, the curve of rim, and the cap of aback seat.

No chat on the price. But this seems affectionate of aged for an bound copy yamaha Fz1; the afterall, R1 it acquired the abeyance of hlins, the rims of Marchesini, and a advance rod-clutch. We cannot additionally advice but to anticipate Yamaha did not owe go far for the afflatus of design Yamaha YZ1 limited edition.


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